Energy Solutions

CustomSmart Homes is an Energy Star certified modular home builder that constructs environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes. We are proud to be a certified Energy Star builder. All of our Energy Star homes are certified by an independent third-party inspector. Our leading edge capabilities can help you build the house of your dreams faster, as well as, lower your utility bills, and reduce your impact on the environment. We specialize in in-house design and installation of photovoltaic solar arrays (i.e. Solar Panels) and many other services that will enhance your home’s performance. Please read below to learn more about the advantages of building with CustomSmart Homes.

Leading Edge Capabilities = Faster, Stronger, Greener, Better™

Solar Design & Installation

Almost everyone has felt the economic squeeze over the past decade. The costs continue to rise while incomes have stayed stagnate. Electricity generation costs are volatile and subject to many governmental regulations. Which is why over the past decade, TVA’s rates have increased 5% per year and many expect this to increase in the future.

So, What can you do?

Solar can hedge against these price increases while increasing the value of your home. The costs are dependent upon your unique property and power usage. There are federal tax credits and TVA rebates but many are expiring soon. CustomSmart Solar will provide a full financial analysis that shows the upfront costs and investment return.

From design to construction, our team will provide a custom photovoltaic solar array that meets your unique energy needs and maximizes your investment.

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