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Five Easy Steps

The Planning Phase

Purchase your Land (If you need help in finding land, professional real estate services are available through our affiliate broker at Evans &Evans Real Estate Group. For more information please click here.)

Select Lender for Construction Financing (For a list of our recommended lenders click here).

Obtain Pre-Approval Letter from lender to determine Project Budget.

Select Your home's Floor Plan (To help pick the perfect floor plan for your new home click here for our easy to use web based search feature which contains floor plans.)

The Design Phase

Place a $2,000 Blueprint Deposit ($3,000 for completely custom plans). This deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price of your new home. With the deposit you will receive:

- An on-site land evaluation.

- Consultation time with our licensed contractors.

- Pricing for the options and upgrades available.

- A firm project quote.

- Blueprints for your new home.

- A construction timeline.

The Launch Phase

With the signing of a contract with CustomSmart to build,the following will take place:

- Closing on your Construction Loan.

- Approval of Final Blueprints.

- Staking out the home on your building site with you.

- Submitting the blueprints to the state for permitting.

- Obtaining the required Local Permits.

- The start of site-work and foundation construction.

Set Day

- The modules for your home are delivered.

- The modules are set and secured to the foundation.

- The home is weather proofed (dried in).

*At this point your home is between 75% and 80% complete.

Final Finishing

During this phase the following will take place:

- Roof Finishing

- Exterior Envelope Finishing

- Installation of Gutters & Downspouts

- Utility Hook-Ups

- Installation of the HVAC System

- Drywall Finishing

- Trim Carpentry

- Installation of Carpet and/or Hardwood flooring

- Painting

- Porch & Deck Construction.

- Concrete Flat Work

- Landscaping

- Final Inspections

- Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy